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Welcome to the Triple Seven candidate centre – your one-stop shop for how to cope with a job-hunt! We’ve got example interview questions, insight from HR and hiring managers as well as essential and easy to follow tips on how to do your best in any type of interview. If you’re looking for jobs, then click here to view our current vacancies.

Our top 10 tips for a face‐to‐face interview

Have an interview? Check out our top tips for how to do your absolute best!

Skype interview: our top 10 tips

How to ace your telephone interview!

Q&A with Smiljka Krneta, Head of HR at IGT

Smiljka gives us an insight into what HR look for in an interview process, along with sample questions and her expectations!

Interview prep

How to research and prepare for your interview – the smart way.

Competency questions

See our list of commonly asked competency-based questions to prepare yourself for your interview.

Optimising your LinkedIn profile

A day in the life of: a marketing exec

Practice interview questions

Why use a recruiter?