Malta in Profile


The official languages: English and Maltese

Population: Over 400,000

Capital: Valletta (European Capital of Culture 2018)

Climate: The Mediterranean Climate in Malta equates to 3,000 hours of sunshine each year, with average temperatures of 30 degrees in the summer and a balmy 15 degrees in the winter.

Fights: numerous airlines fly to and from Malta, including budget airlines. Malta’s national airline Air Malta flies to 45 destinations across Europe.

Ferries: visit Malta’s islands such as Gozo via a short ferry ride!

From the UK: Only a three hour flight to Malta!

Beaches: Malta has some of Europe’s best beaches – ranging from busy bays through to secluded sandy beaches.


Architecture: Malta’s stunning architecture ranges from prehistoric through to modern. Some of the prehistoric temples are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Social scene: there are lots of vibrant and innovative gaming companies based in Malta attracting many different nationalities, in fact Malta was voted the second best place for expats to live! Along with the friendly locals, this makes the social scene

Cost of living: rental properties and utilities are cheaper in Malta than most European countries. With its Mediterranean climate, locally grown fruit and veg is not only cheap, but really tasty too!

Film Locations: Malta has been referred to as the ‘Mediterranean’s mini-Hollywood’. It’s served as a filming set for Game of Thrones, Popeye and Gladiator amongst others.


Working in Malta: companies we work with in Malta offer very generous relocation packages, which include six month free accommodation to ensure an easy transition into Maltese life!

Triple Seven Job Opportunities in Malta:

x3 Senior Marketing Exec/Marketing Manager (x1 Danish x1 Italian x1 Spanish)

x2 Marketing Exec – UK Markets

x2 Marketing Exec – Australian Sports