Anna Beecroft is HR Director at one of the UK’s most exciting FinTech companies; Quint. Based in Macclesfield, she’s worked at the company for nearly four years, overseen significant growth and been involved in hundreds of interviews! We see what she looks for in a candidate and get some unique Fintech Interview tips!

What are the Quint company values?

Our values are accountability, innovation, integrity, leadership, passion, quality and teamwork. We’ve worked really hard to make sure the company lives up to these values and our employees and potential employees understand exactly what they stand for.

How do you judge if someone has the values you look for?

We look to attract people who match our company values, you can look for these values in a CV, but it’s easier when you meet people face-to-face in the interview.

How is it working for a FinTech company?

It’s a really exciting industry to work in and it’s very up and coming. The industry is a great reflection of how our lives progress with technology, so it’s a really innovative atmosphere.

During an interview, what do you do to put candidates at ease?

It’s important that the candidate feels at ease, we want to see them at their best. To help with this, I usually start the interview asking them to speak about themselves, rather than any hard-hitting or technical questions.

If someone is really nervous, I will make sure to stick to questions related to their CV and experience, to build up their confidence and allow conversation to flow more easily.

How important is it for the candidate to have researched the company?

We don’t expect candidates to be experts in Quint, however we do expect a basic level of research, and candidates who’ve really done their research and show passion for the brand and our products really stand out.

It’s also good when a candidate asks us questions following on from their research, it shows interest and leads to a more free-flowing conversation.

Candidates are often unsure of what to wear to an interview, what would you recommend?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this. In an interview situation my advice would be to make an effort and be smart. It’s not a major decider for the employers but it does form part of the first impression – and you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

How important is ‘non-verbal’ communication in an interview – ie. Handshakes, eye contact and posture?

Again, skills, expertise and experience are the main things we look for, but it’s important that someone fits in with the organisation. If someone doesn’t shake your hand, or doesn’t make any eye-contact, then it could be a warning sign that they won’t be comfortable in the organisation.

What are the most commonly asked questions from candidates during an interview?

People tend to ask about team structure, what a typical day is like, the working environment, Quint’s future plans, benefits and most commonly; ‘what do you enjoy about working here the most?’

Do you have a set-structure for interviews?

No, but if I had to give a ‘common’ structure it would be; start with introductions and a chance for the candidate to say a little about themselves, then move on to their CV and experience. We usually follow this up with competency-based questions and then move onto what the candidate knows about Quint and our products along with the FinTech industry as a whole.

In the second interview, we like to see how people work, so for example, for a development role we’ll give them a technical test.

How soon do you know if someone’s right for the role?

You can usually tell if they’d be a good fit for the company quite early on, within 5-10 minutes. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but first impressions do count.

And, what do you enjoy about interviews?

I enjoy telling people about Quint, how it’s grown and sharing my passion with potential employees. It’s also nice to put a face to a CV, and seeing what people can bring to Quint and how Quint can help them develop.

Finally, what advice do you have for people attending interviews?

Be prepared! Understand the role and what you could bring to it and be ready to sell yourself. The more prepared you are, the more relaxed you’ll be and the better you’ll do.

Another important thing to remember is to be yourself. There’s no point in pretending to be something you’re not as that won’t work for either party!

Lastly, prepare some questions beforehand to show your interest in the company – it’s a little concerning for the employer if you don’t ask anything at the end of the interview. Research and preparation go a long way!