The top 12 job titles which have received the biggest pay rise in the last year have been revealed, and it may not be the jobs you expect!

Salary benchmarking site have gathered and analysed data from 2015 and 2016 to create the list, which is jointly topped by Marketing and Communications professionals and roles within Corporate Banking.

emolument graph

The full list is as follows:

Activity Title Total Comp 2015 Total Comp 2016 Increase
Marketing & Communications Manager  £     51,000  £      70,000 37%
Corporate Banking Associate  £     60,000  £      82,000 37%
Human Resources Manager  £     61,000  £      80,000 31%
Business Development Senior Manager  £  104,000  £    136,000 31%
C# Developer Developer  £     44,000  £      54,000 23%
Research (Buy-Side) VP  £     37,000  £      45,000 22%
Programme & Project Management Senior Manager  £     93,000  £    110,000 18%
Trading (Banking) VP  £  160,000  £    189,000 18%
Fund & Portfolio Managers (Buy-Side) VP  £  113,000  £    133,000 18%
Research (Banking) VP  £  150,000  £    168,000 12%
Java Developer Developer  £     52,000  £      58,000 12%
Finance Control & Strategy Manager  £     76,000  £      82,000 8%

The list generally reflects the way in which the digital market is moving – with marketers, developers and project managers all receiving significant rises. Although banking is still very much in the mix, it doesn’t dominate the table as it would have done before the financial crisis.

The surprise entry of the list for some people is HR. However, it’s not that surprising considering the increase has come along with increased responsibility, involvement and respect for the profession. HR Managers have to constantly evolve their skill-set to deal with compliance, law and the ever evolving digital landscape and the Generation Y workforce.

Developers continue to have significant rises in wages, and it is very much dependent on the technology of the moment, in this case C++. Java developers aren’t too far up the list because they have had steady increases in previous years.

Alice Leguay, Co-Founder & COO at said: ‘Despite high-delta remuneration, finance jobs are not topping our table. Instead, professionals in sectors emerging as game changers such as IT and Digital Marketing are hot property and those with some experience command fast-increasing pay packages. With the financial sector making a huge push to develop their Fintech services, we expect to see IT climb even faster in the coming years.’