The big 10: Top paying tech firms for entry-level role

Tech firms have some of the best paying salaries in the world. But, which tech companies pay the best at entry level for new employees?

Salary benchmarking site have analysed the data of salaries, and bonuses of entry level employees (defined as 0-3 years of experience) in some of the top tech firms to see who pays the best to attract top talent.

As could be expected, Amazon, Apple and Google spearhead the largest payers, offering significant bonus schemes as well as high salaries.


top 10 entry firms

‘Normal’ entry level jobs are traditionally below £20,000, however in certain industries, such as finance and technology, the entry level opportunities offer a bigger basic salary, competitive bonuses and development schemes.

The financial sector has been the best-paying option for juniors and entry level position for some time, however technology is really catching up. Tech companies can and do offer a more dynamic, fun and innovative working environment as well as excellent wages with an emphasis on growing bonus schemes.

The top 10 are as follows:

Amazon: the world’s biggest online retailer are willing to pay the most to attract top tech talent from Generation Y. With an average starting salary of £75k, with an additional bonus of £15k – that’s a massive £90k that graduates/entry level job-hunters can expect.

Apple: with an overall figure of £83k, Apple pay significantly more than their rivals Samsung whose average starting salary is £31k – that’s a difference of £52,000.

Google: everybody knows that Google put a great deal of effort into making their offices innovative and fun, and now a £59k starting salary with a £14k bonus makes Google one of the most attractive brands to work for in the world.

Cisco: software giants Cisco offer a smaller bonus scheme for entry level roles, but a starting salary of £46k puts them ahead of their competitors.

Microsoft: starting your career with Bill Gates’ brand could get you a starting salary of up to £40k, they’ll even add on a £6k bonus.

Oracle: the highest placed company on the list which doesn’t offer a bonus scheme for entry-level roles. They make up for it with a £46k starting salary though.

Telefonica: the Spanish phone giants offer the highest starting salary within the telecoms industry at £31k basic and £3k bonus.

Orange: just behind Telefonica are telecom rivals Orange offering a larger basic of £33k, but no bonus scheme.

SAP: German software company SAP offer a £30k basic, which they top up with a £3k bonus scheme.

IBM: International Business Machines finish our top 10 with a very respectable £33k basic.

Alice Leguay, Co-Founder & COO at said: ‘With glamorous brands, novelty offices, breakthrough managerial styles the leading technology firms were already attractive employers. Now, with an aggressive push on junior pay, they are outpacing traditional financial and professional services firms when it comes to campus pulling power. Working for a top investment bank no longer epitomises the graduate dream, especially since financial industry remuneration has taken a bashing in the last few years, in line with bankers’ reputations. Banks are trying to shake up their corporate cultures and offer more flexibility and work-life balance but cannot compete with technology giants making their staff feel they are making a social mark on their time.’