Skype interviews are becoming increasingly popular, if you’re invited for one, read our tips below to prepare and do your best!

Top 10 skype interview tips

1. Test! Be sure to call a friend to make sure you can hear them and they can hear you clearly. If this is impractical, make use of the ‘Echo/Sound test service’ that Skype offer.

2. Record – once you’re happy that your sound works, do a practice run with a friend – and record it! Answer two or three questions and play-back to see how you come across

3. Do your research – like every interview, make sure you’ve researched the company & your interviewers. Read more thoroughly about research and prep.

4. Don’t use your mobile – if possible use desktop/laptop or a tablet – so your hands will be free, and you can see your interviewers clearly.

5. Prepare the area! Think of what the interviewer will see behind you; avoid mess or distractions. A clean/neutral wall or desk behind you is ideal.

6. Quieten down – make sure noise distractions are minimal – kids and pets should be in another room and windows closed.

7. Look into the camera – this is one of the classic questions, ‘Should I look into the camera or at the screen?’ – when you’re speaking to the interviewer(s), look into the camera as much as possible. However you still need to look at the screen to check the body language of the interviewer.

8. Dress appropriately – even if you think you’ll be sitting down, any amount of things could happen to make you stand up, so make sure you don’t risk wearing PJ bottoms, dress to impress!

9. Interact – make sure you smile, and use body language to communicate; nod and gesticulate!

10. Restart if necessary – if, despite all your prep, there’s a technical glitch or you’re unable to hear your interviewer properly, make sure to let them know and restart the call. The interviewer will understand and would prefer this to you struggling through with tech difficulties.