Phone interviews – some people love them, some people hate them, but how do you make sure you do well? We’ve got some advice to make sure you don’t end up wanting to hang up!


Top 10 Phone Interview Tips

  1. Use notes – the interviewer can’t see you, so use this to your advantage. Have your CV, the job description and any notes to hand/view.
  1. Choose your phone wisely – landlines are generally more reliable than mobiles in terms of reception, however if you are using your mobile, make sure to have full battery and turn off any apps/notifications which could interfere or disrupt the conversation.
  1. Practical preparations! Make sure you’ll be in a quiet, comfortable place and allow for at least an hour. If you’re at home – make sure the TV is off, your pets or children are in another room and you’re free from distractions. 
  1. Dress smartly – although it’s not face to face, this is a real and professional interview, and what you wear can affect has been shown to affect how you act and feel.
  1. Research – check out our piece here on the best ways to research a company. It’s extremely important to have a basic grasp of the company set-up and the company’s position within their industry.
  1. Stand up – it’s not the Wolf of Wall Street or Boiler Room, but by standing up, you really do project your voice more, which is important when the recruiter cannot see you.
  1. Finish your sentences conclusively – you cannot see your interviewers, so you lose the ability to read their body language or engage in a typical conversation – make sure you end your answers conclusively so the interviewer knows to speak.
  1. Be wary of talking too much – you cannot gesticulate or use body language to enhance your answers, so make sure you keep your answers relevant and concise in order not to lose your audience.
  1. Make notes – if you’re a multi-tasker, then make notes – any important information or facts/figures they give you, write it down and reference it later in the call (or in your second interview) to show you’ve listened.
  1. Smile! It may sound cheesy, but you can ‘hear’ a smile through the phone – make sure you smile at various points throughout – it’ll improve your tone and the interviewers will appreciate it!

Independent research with hiring managers show that voice, tone and grammar make up 38% of first impressions, on a phone interview, this figure is closer to 100%!