It’s not all about your CV these days. Your LinkedIn profile can be equally, if not more important. From a cynical employer’s perspective, it’s more likely for candidates to embellish their CV, whereas on LinkedIn you’re connected with colleagues and ex-colleagues so the information on there can be seen as more accurate.

Follow our simple steps below to make your LinkedIn as good as it can be!

Our LinkedIn Profile tips

List relevant jobs

Put as much as your career history as is necessary. You don’t need to list every job you’ve had, especially if they aren’t relevant to the career you’re seeking. Just make sure to ‘mind the gap’ – you shouldn’t leave large, unaccountable gaps.

Add rich media

Company videos or a good example of your work can really add to your profile and showcase your talents. Profiles with an interactive/visual elements get more engagements than those without.

Do your summary!

Don’t just list your job history, fill out the summary section to outline your skills and what kind of opportunities you’re looking for. Include keywords so you can be found in searches.

Add your skills

Make sure your skills are up to date so people can endorse you. They can’t endorse you unless you’ve added the skills to your profile. Remove any skills that you may have added a long time ago and are now irrelevant.

Include a photo

LinkedIn report that your profile will be viewed x14 less if you don’t have a photo. Remember LinkedIn is a business networking site, so your photo should reflect that

Education, Education, Education

List it, clearly! It’s important to employers.

Pay attention to the LinkedIn tips

They’ll tell you how strong your profile is AND what you can do to improve it.

Activity broadcast

If you’re making a lot of changes to your profile, you may want to turn off your activity broadcast, so as not to bombard your network with all of your changes!

Market yourself

Ask colleagues, ex-colleagues and associates for recommendations and endorsements. Be sure to recommend and endorse them to get more!

Join groups

Groups help you improve your networking opportunities – as well as getting relevant news and industry information.

See what others are doing

Check out profiles of users with similar job roles to you – see how they present themselves and their skills.

Accept requests

LinkedIn is different from Facebook and other social networks. It’s about growing your business network and potential opportunities outside of your current space. Therefore you should accept requests of anyone who you think could help further your career.