As well as being common questions within interviews, it is advisable to prepare answers to all of these practice interview questions below to cement why you want this job and what your main strengths are in relation to it.

Seven practice interview questions

Why are you interested in this role?

This will be a mix of professional and personal, but also a chance for you to demonstrate knowledge of the company, the industry. Link your aspirations and experience to the job spec and to the company itself.

What makes you right for this role?

Following on from the question above, this is more about selling yourself. Sell your experience, your skillset with close consideration to the job spec/job advert.

What do you enjoy most in your current/most recent role?

Make sure to pick aspects that match the prospective role and give examples of work/projects that you’ve enjoyed and excelled in.

What do you least enjoy about your current/most recent role?

Negativity should be avoided in the interview, so be clear that you work hard/sucessfully on tasks that you don’t enjoy as much as others. Make the subject of your answer something that isn’t pivotal to your new role.

Where do you see yourself this time next year/in five years?

This is a tricky one, the important thing is to show ambition within the remit of your role and industry. Concentrate on skills or areas in which you’d like to improve have specific goals and levels in mind.

What are your strengths?

Concentrate on your strengths and skill-set that match the role for which you’re applying, and have examples ready! Avoid bragging, rather than saying ‘I was the best developer at the company at prototyping’, quantify it; ‘My strengths lie in prototyping,  in fact, I won the employee recognition scheme in 2015 for developing a prototype app’.

What are your weaknesses?

The most-hated question! The first thing is to avoid the obvious answer – ‘I work too hard’, as the interviewer has heard it all before. Try to make this as genuine as possible, whilst turning the negative into a positive; ‘I do sometimes struggle to delegate effectively, but I recently attended a management workshop where I picked up tips on how to improve, I’ve put this into practice and it seems to be working really well’.

What motivates you?

Keep this within the realms of your actual job role – so working within a good team, working on new projects, avoid things such as salary, benefits and monetary gain (unless you’re going for a sales job!).